kinjo sushi, dalhousie

29 Mar

yam and avocado rollsLast night we stopped in at the new Kinjo in Dalhousie. As I am still a sushi neophyte, I can’t give an overly critical review, but I loved the food and the service was so friendly and accommodating for gluten-free!

I have started keeping a stash of gluten-free soy sauce packets in my car, Matt’s car, and my purse for unplanned sushi stops, but when the server noticed I had snuck in my own packets she brought me a bottle of fancy wheat-free tamari sauce from the kitchen. She then walked us through the entire menu, pointing out which rolls contained tempura-battered ingredients, and offering to have the kitchen make substitutions. The only real changes we made were remove the unagi sauce from one roll and have the yam rolls made with boiled yam instead of the tempura-battered yam. Delish!!


One Response to “kinjo sushi, dalhousie”

  1. Bean September 30, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    I went to Kinjo yesterday with some friends for dinner (thanks to your recommendation of how well they take care of people with allergies) and it was great! The waiter pointed out all the things that I could and couldn’t eat and brought me GF soy sauce. My husband and I will definitely be going back. Thank you!

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