redwater grille

10 Dec

This week we had our staff Christmas lunch at Redwater Grille (Stadium location). We had booked ahead and reserved the private room, and when we arrived there was a special menu: soup or salad and a choice of 4 or 5 entrees. While our server was taking our drink orders, she answered questions about the menu and asked “who is the gluten-free party in the group?” She explained to me that I could order anything on the menu – they would just modify it to fit me. I ordered the Romaine Hearts (grana padano, pancetta, charred jalapeno dressing minus the crostinis) and Chicken Pappardelle (bacon, spinach, b.c. forest mushrooms, and parmesan cream).

The service was fantastic. With each course, an army of servers surrounded the table and delivered our plates all at once. Each time my plate arrived, the server would announce “gluten-free Romaine Hearts” or “gluten-free Chicken Pappardelle” as an extra assurance. When a fresh berry cheesecake was delivered to everyone else for dessert, I was served a martini glass filled with bright red berry sorbet and fresh berries.

As a celiac, eating out can be a challenge and a little nerve-wracking as you inspect each dish and second-guess each handling practice in the kitchen. So when I find a place that goes the extra mile to make me feel safe and well cared-for, it’s well worth another visit.


One Response to “redwater grille”

  1. Pam January 27, 2011 at 9:20 am #

    This is one of my new favorite restaurants – they have so many GOOD gluten free options! You can even get bread!! (which is really just the Kinnikinnick pizza crust but still nice to have bread and hummus at a restaurant).

    Catcus Club also has a decent gluten free menu but nothing like Redwater.

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